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Featured E-Mail Question: 10-20-04

Question  On my Windows PC, I can right-click an image on a web page and choose to save it to my hard drive.  Is there a way to save images that I see in Pocket Internet Explorer to my Pocket PC?

Answer  Unfortunately, this functionality is not a part of Pocket Internet Explorer (IE).  While it is possible to search your History folder and copy and paste images to other folders, that process can be tedious if you have a large number of files stored in the History folder.

For saving images from the 'Net, we recommend a program called MultiIE, a 3rd Party Pocket IE add-on.  MultiIE offers several enhancements for Pocket IE, including multiple windows, tabbed browsing, full screen mode, one-touch screen rotation and more. 

An additional feature of MultiIE is its expansion of the tap-and-hold menu. Rather than offering two or three options when you tap-and-hold your stylus on the screen in Pocket IE, you get a full-featured menu giving you the option to set default open actions, open a link in a new IE window, copy the current URL, and save images to your Pocket PC.

MultiIE isn't free, but if you do a lot of surfing with your Pocket PC, it's worth every penny of its $17.95 price tag.

To find out more about MultiIE, visit Southway's MultiIE page at http://www.southwaycorp.net/multiie.htm

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