Jul 24

Some have speculated that AT&T is keeping iPhone 3G supplies low (many AT&T stores are still sold out) in order to tweak the tech-lust for Apple’s newest creation.  Not so says a recent AT&T statement, which reads in part:

AT&T handles direct fulfillment on a first-come, first-served basis, giving everyone an opportunity for stress-free shopping. As we receive new inventory from Apple, we are shipping it out immediately to fill customers’ orders. We hope to begin re-stocking our stores as soon as we can, but first priority goes to those customers who purchased through direct fulfillment.”

If you’ve ordered an iPhone 3G through AT&T via “Direct Fulfillment” you can check the status of your order here.

Jul 23

There’s an interesting article posted at The Channel Wire concerning the iPhone 3G’s still limited availability and the lengths (and costs) to which people are willing to go to get theirs hands on a new iPhone.

If you didn’t feel like waiting in line or couldn’t find the time to make it to the Apple Store " where bored Apple iPhone 3G hopefuls still congregated in some locations Monday " you can take to eBay to get your 3G fix. Same goes for the folks who want to stick it to AT&T and not re-up or sign up for a new contract with the carrier in order to get the coveted smart phone.

But with convenience comes cost. For the hundreds of devices currently available, many are hovering just under $1,000 a piece, with about $750 being the average. The black 16 GB model seems the most coveted, with bids already exceeding a cool grand.

If you’re an eager, would-be iPhone 3G owner with plenty of extra cash and an eBay account, check out the eBay listings yourself.

Oh, and could you spot us $50?

Jul 23

The iPhone Edition’s iPhone 3G Acccessories Center is now online.  Over the coming days, we’ll be adding new and upcoming iPhone 3G accessories, so stop by and have a look whenever you’re looking for a little iPhone bling.

Jul 23

Thanks for stopping by.  The iPhone Edition News Center is now online and will soon contain Apple iPhone related news, updates, software release information, reviews, how-to’s, tips and more.  Check back soon for new content.

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