Sep 30

iphone_with_flashIf Adobe has anything to say about it, the iPhone’s blue Lego block will soon be a thing of the past.

At the recent FOTB Flash conference, Paul Betlem – Senior Director of Engineering at Adobe – said that his company would love to provide Flash support for the iPhone, but that because the iPhone is a “closed system,” availability is entirely up to Apple.  Apparently, Adobe has had a working version of Flash for the iPhone for some time, and is simply waiting for Apple to give the OK.

While some might be happy without flash, we at iPhone Edition hope that one of the iPhone’s most annoying web limitations will be resolved before the 3rd Generation iPhone nano hits Sprint in 2012. 

Sep 28

gasbagSaving as much as you can on gas has never been more of an issue for drivers, and thanks to GasBag you can easily find the station with the lowest price around with a few taps of the finger. 

GasBag is a free application which uses the GPS receiver in an iPhone 3G, or any manually-entered address, to search gas prices for nearby service stations.  It then displays the data in bubbles over a street map.  Click a station and you’re provided with the station’s address and a detailed list of their price per gallon for different grades of unleaded gasoline and diesel; you can also get driving directions in the iPhone’s Maps software. 

The pricing data is user driven, which is a downside given that data is only available for stations about which iPhone users have posted.  It would be far more effective if it used existing gas price databases, but it’s certainly a worthy addition to your iPhone.

Click the link below to find out more about GasBag:

iTunes App Store: GasBag

Sep 26

According to a blog post at ZDnet, Apple is reducing its 2008 iPhone 3G production plans from 18 million to 14 or 15 million units.








Read this news as you will, but the post also notes that falling NAND memory prices will likely continue, even in light of Apple’s change in production.  This is good news for consumers, if not for manufacturers.

Sep 25

…but you’ll still have to go to an Apple store to pick up your iPhone 3G, make payment and activate the handset.  We’re still totally confused as to why Apple (or AT&T Mobility) won’t allow users to have the iPhone 3G shipped to them for home activation, but the lockdown mentality of Apple knows no bounds. 











Visit to place your order.  You’ll have the opportunity to set up an appointment at an Apple Store, your credit check will be conducted, and you’ll be on your way to a 3G iPhone.  Please let us know how this works out for you.

Sep 23

The first Android-powered smartphone is now a reality.  The long-awaited T-Mobile G1 was made official this morning, giving us our up close look at an Android handset.


The T-Mobile G1 is built by HTC (it’s the HTC Dream) and is designed as a direct assault on Apple’s iPhone. Features include a HVGA touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (without A2DP stereo support), UMTS/HSDPA wireless broadband, a 3MP camera, GPS and microSD expansion.

Visit the T-Mobile G1 Android Smartphone Information Center

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