Oct 27

googleearth Google Earth has hit the iPhone, and while we can’t say the graphics performance of this first version will knock your socks off, porting this popular application to the iPhone is a welcome sight.

Features include GPS support, multitouch zoom and rotation, (somewhat spotty) accelerometer-based tilt support for terrain view, Wikipedia and Panoramio location-based photo integration and more.  We used the Google Earth iPhone app to view our office, Wikipedia entries about our city, and even searched for a satellite view of Crater Lake National Park.

Version 1.0 of Google Earth for iPhone is buggy (our test version crashed three times in twenty minutes), but we expect to see improvements over the coming weeks.

Take a look at Google Earth for iPhone by clicking here.

Oct 26

evernote_main_image2“Fast, convenient, Cloud-based and free, EverNote is today’s ultimate note management solution for the iPhone. If productivity is an important part of your life, professional or personal, do yourself a favor put Evernote everywhere (including your iPhone, of course).” –M. Nichols, Reviews Editor

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Oct 08



You can buy ringtones from the iTunes Music Store, but can you make your own free ringtones with the audio and music files you already have? Yes, you can! And in our How to Create Your Own iPhone Ringtones with Music Files tutorial, we’ll show you how.

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Oct 07

iphone_update Version 2.2 of the iPhone OS firmware is expected in the next few weeks, and we’re now beginning to see some details of what the new version has to offer. 

Street View support will be added to the Maps application, which allows you to see images provided by Google’s Street View service.  This functionality is included in Google’s Android OS which will begin shipping later this month via the T-Mobile G1.  The ability to turn off auto complete will also be added, as well as Japanese icons called emoji which can be added to outgoing messages.

There may be more v2.2 news in the days and weeks to come.  We’ll keep you posted.

Oct 04

mobileme_outlook_sync1 You have an iPhone and you want to take advantage of Apple’s MobileMe wireless syncing service, but you’ve been using Microsoft Outlook for years and have your calendar and contact information just the way you want it. MobileMe is designed to play nice with Outlook, but how do you get your personal Outlook data to that cute little MobileMe Cloud?

I recently set out to do just that, and at first I was stumped. Setting up MobileMe on the iPhone was a breeze, but I was warned that using MobileMe’s contacts and calendar syncing features would erase the that data which was already synced to my iPhone.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get MobileMe, Outlook and your iPhone to each play for the same team — yours.

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