Nov 29

The iPhone Edition Hands-On Review of the RichardSolo 1800 iPhone Battery Backup has been posted in the iPhone Edition Review Center.

RichardSolo 1800 Review

Nov 28


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Nov 26


If you’re a Twitter user with an iPhone, you have many free options when it comes to the App Store.  Most are great if your needs are few, but if you’re a full-on power user who wants to be able to post links, handle multiple Twitter accounts, upload photos and update your location, you’ll need to pony up.

Our current favorite paid Twitter app for the iPhone is Tweetie, as it does all of these things with a nice, familiar iPhone interface.

Click one of the links below view Tweetie in iTunes.  You’ll get more app details there, and if you’ve got an extra $2.99 burning a hole in your pocket, you can grab the program while you’re at it.

DOWNLOAD TWEETIE: In iTunes on PC/Mac/iPhone

Nov 23


Air Mouse transforms your iPhone (or iPod touch) into a wireless mouse for your PC or Mac.  You can use Air Mouse in regular mouse mode (left, right mouse buttons, scroll wheel, etc.) or as a virtual touch pad like those found on laptops.  Each controls your computer over Wi-Fi, and there’s even a keyboard for quick data entry when needed.

The app works by combining the accelerometer, touchscreen and wireless data connection found on the iPhone to simulate a mouse.

You have to install server software on your computer in order to use Air Mouse, and the server requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above, or Windows XP or Vista on the PC side (64 and 32-bit).

We hope to see more ingenious apps like this for the iPhone over the coming years.  Give it a try and tell us what you think!

DOWNLOAD AIR MOUSE:   In iTunes on PC/Mac      On iPhone

Nov 21

iPhone Safari Web Browser

While the iPhone has many shortcomings (some petty and minor, others obvious and inexcusable) one of our biggest groaners here at iPhone Edition is Safari.  There’s little doubt Safari offers one of the best mobile browsing experiences ever, but it crashes too much. Much too much. 

Or, perhaps we should say “crashed.”  We’ve been feverishly surfing the ‘Net on our iPhones since this morning’s debut of the iPhone OS v2.2, and one of the things we’ve all noted is that the new and improved Safari just isn’t crashing.  Not once all day, not on a single iPhone.

It’s not possible to reach a valid conclusion about something tech after using it for only a few hours, but things are looking up on the stability front.  We’ve also noticed pages seem to be loading more quickly and that sections of a page render more quickly when scrolling up or down a page. 

Please share your new-and-improved Safari praise – or disgust.

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