Dec 28

MobileFiles Pro for the iPhone

The latest version of MobileFiles Pro for the iPhone has been updated with the ability to not only view Microsoft Excel files, but to create them as well.  You can create Excel 2003 documents right on the iPhone and transfer the files to PCs, Macs and Apple’s MobileMe iDisk.

Other features of MobileFiles Pro include Word, PDF, and iWork document viewing, digital file management, and Wi-Fi file transfer.

The ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents remains one of the most glaring omissions of the iPhone’s software.  Third-party apps will certainly address this problem over time, and MobileFiles Pro is certainly a step in the right direction.

View MobileFiles Pro in iTunes on PC/Mac/iPhone

Dec 26

Early last week a case manufacturer posted images of what purported to be a case for the iPhone nano. Case manufacturers have long been on the front line of Apple product leaks, and this image certainly caught our attention. Then this week someone anonymously provided MacRumors with a photo (seen below) of what looks like a presentation slide showing the nano alongside its big brother.

Is this the iPhone nano? 

These two pieces of information, the case release and the anonymous photo, are by no means proof of the current existence of the iPhone nano, but they do raise interesting questions.  Is Apple working on a smaller iPhone to sell alongside the iPhone 3G?  Will the iPhone nano be a smaller, but full featured version of today’s iPhone, or will it have feature cuts in order to make it a $100-range handset?  Is this all just total B.S.?

An examination of the screen-shots of both the 3G and the “nano” in the image above show the icon’s labels appear alternatively in English and another language (French maybe?).  Also, many have proposed that the iPhone nano would not have 3G because of size constraints (and in order to sell for as little as $100), but the image shows the 3G symbol along the top of the screen of the nano.

The “evidence” thus far isn’t exactly probative, but it’s something we’ll keep our eyes on in the weeks and months ahead.  At this point, we have more questions than answers and remain highly skeptical.

Dec 22

We’re calling it quits for the next few days for the Christmas holiday.  Site updates will resume on December 26, 2008.  We wish everyone a wonderful week!


Dec 22

LogMeIn has been a favorite remote access service for years, and now iPhone users can remotely access and control both PCs and Macs with LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhoneThe LogMeIn Ignition iPhone app is available for $29 in the iTunes App Store –  a pretty hefty sum for an iPhone application — but if you need access to your home or office computer at all times, it certainly deserves a look.  Features include support for both paid and free access solutions, 256-bit SSL secure connections, computer-specific options settings (screen blanking, resolution adjustment, etc.) and more.

View in iTunes on PC/Mac/iPhone

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Dec 18


Control freaks everywhere, take note: you can now run an entire city with your iPhone – SimCity!  Electronic Arts has ported the ever-popular SimCity to the iPhone and iPod touch.

If you’ve never changed SimCity (?!?!), you basically take charge of an entire city, controlling its design, layout, taxes, services and more.  The goal is to keep your citizens safe and happy without taxing them to death. 

SimCity is available in the iTunes Store now for $9.99.

View in iTunes on PC/Mac/iPhone

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