Jan 17

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Skype is coming to the iPhone, at least according to Skype’s COO, Scott Durschlag.  Mr. Durschlag announced at CES that a version of Skype for the iPhone (and presumably the 2nd Generation iPod touch) is under development.

Apple has banned iPhone VoIP software from using cellular data connections up to now, since such services could cut down on the amount of talk time users buy from AT&T each month.  The VoIP software that is available for the iPhone is limited to Wi-Fi connections.

Presumably, the same would be true of Skype for the iPhone. 

We’ll file this under “coming soon” rather than ‘fat chance” for the time being, but it somehow seems unlikely that Apple and AT&T Wireless would want to allow such a widely-used service to horn in on their lucrative iPhone calling plans.  And, since Apple controls what programs appear in the App Store, it could do what Microsoft and other smartphone OS companies can’t – block Skype from offering competition for voice service.

As for us, we’d welcome Skype on the iPhone in a big way.

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Jan 16

“If your RSS needs are simple, you can probably get away with a free alternative like Free RSS Reader, but if you’re like me and want the most feature-rich RSS reader for your iPhone, Newsstand [iTunes Link] is likely your best bet. While it does have limitations, most notably an iTunes link problem, it provides a clean, effective way of managing and viewing RSS feeds on the go.”


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Jan 09


While explaining why it is Apple will no longer officially participate in future MacWorld Expos, marketing executive and ‘09 keynote speaker Phil Schiller enumerated a loose calendar of product refresh cycles the company would like to stick to going forward.

According to Schiller, Apple’s product release cycles are as follows: “the iPod product cycle (October), the iLife development cycle (usually March), the iPhone cycle (June).”  January – the month in which the Expo has been held – does not fit into this schedule.

The last two iPhones – the original and 3G models – were each released in June, and iPods are usually released around September or October, so these dates aren’t exactly a revelation.  But it is worth noting that in laying out Apple’s refresh cycle in this way, Schiller all but confirmed that iPhone 3.0, or a new iPhone model altogether, will arrive this summer.  iPhone nano, anyone?

We’re looking forward to it.

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Jan 06

iNeedStuff [iTunes Link] is an iPhone shopping list app that’s far better than other software I’ve tried (and stopped using) for the iPhone and other mobile platforms. While not perfect, iNeedStuff makes shopping easier than it’s ever been. And, more importantly, it makes putting together a shopping list a breeze.


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