Jun 28

Satechi iClooly iPhone Stand

There are several desktop cradles and docks available for the iPhone, but there’s another often overlooked category of useful iPhone holders – stands. 

iPhone stands (like the Satechi iClooly shown left) allow you to watch movies, browse the web, etc., with a natural monitor-type setup perfect for desks and table tops.  Most also make it very easy to use a sync cable with your iPhone while it’s hanging out.

We’ve put together a page with our favorite iPhone 3G & 3GS Stands, so if you’re interested, have a look.

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Jun 27

The iPhone Edition Hands-On ArtWizz MirrorFilm Review has been posted in the Review Center.

ArtWizz MirrorFilm for iPhone 3G / 3GS Review

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Jun 24

iPhone $$$ When the iPhone 3GS was announced, iPhone 3G users where told they’d have to pay $399 or $499 to upgrade.  The 3G came out in July of 2008, and since AT&T requires users to be at least a year into their contract to qualify for upgrade pricing, if you owned a 3G, you had to pay full price or wait.  But on June 17, AT&T changed its iPhone 3GS upgrade policy for iPhone 3G early adopters (those who bought a 3G in July, August or September of 2008) reducing the price by 50% and making the upgrade much more enticing. 

Upgraders who ordered the 3GS through AT&T before the change were issues a credit for the difference at the AT&T store, but those who pre-ordered through the Apple Store were told they’d have to wait for Apple to go through the orders, sort out who was eligible for the reduced pricing, and issue a credit for the difference (about $200). 

Today I spoke with an Apple Store rep who told me Apple is still sorting through pre-orders to determine eligibility.  She said the process will take several more days and that Apple hopes to have credits issued soon.  Those eligible for the revised upgrade pricing will receive an email from Apple as soon as eligibility has been established.

So, if you ordered a 3GS from Apple at the $399 or $499 price and fall into the iPhone 3G early-adopter range and meet the requirements for the credit, you should be hearing from them via email soon.  If you don’t receive an email by next week, you should contact Apple Customer Support at 1-800-676-2775.

If you have received, or do receive, your Apple credit, please let us know by posting in the comments.  We want to stay on top of this.

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Jun 19

googleearthiphone Whether it’s the faster CPU, the new PowerVR SGX graphics processor, the doubling of RAM or (most likely) the combination of the three, the new iPhone 3G S rips through the one app that killed my 3G: Google Earth.

The iPhone version of Google Earth [iTunes Link] was choppy and frustrating on the iPhone 3G.  The 3G S, on the other hand, handles the app quite well, beautifully rendering, resizing and rotating the satellite images with hardly a lag.

Now, many users may not care about graphics processing power (I am not much of a gamer, myself), but it’s clear that the new GPU is a marked improvement over the last model.  If you’re a gamer, the 3G S is calling your name.

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Jun 19

The iPhone Edition Hands-On iPhone 3GS Review has been posted in the Review Center.

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