Jul 31

Apple has posted iPhone OS update 3.0.1.  This update fixes a potentially dangerous SMS vulnerability.  Update available via iTunes. 


This isn’t a patch, but a full OS update (280MB).  iPhone OS 3.1 is expected in September.

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Jul 29

iPhone Error Apple has rejected an app from Google that would have allowed iPhone users to access Google Voice features directly, rather than going through the service’s web site.  It seems Apple and/or AT&T fear easy access to Google Voice will pose a threat to their paid services.

Google Voice is a new service (newly Googleized, at least, and currently available by invite only) which allows users to obtain a new phone number, link that number to all of their existing lines (home, office, mobile), and manage voicemail, greetings, call blocking, etc., through a Gmail-like web interface.  Features are impressive, including transcribed voicemail messages sent via SMS or email, unanswered calls routed to the appropriate voicemail greetings based on user settings, and more.  The service is free.  

Official versions of the Google Voice application have been available for weeks on Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and Google had hoped to roll out the iPhone version as early as six weeks ago.  But Apple blocked the app, and quickly thereafter began removing similar third-party Google Voice apps – like GV Mobile – from the iTunes App Store.  Apple justified its action citing the apps’ duplicating iPhone features, but each had been approved weeks earlier.  Apparently, once the company decided to block Google’s official Voice application, it had to remove already-approved apps with similar functionality in order to maintain some semblance of coherence on the issue.   

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Jul 29

MobileMe iDisk Apple has released its promised iDisk app for the iPhone today, which allows users with MobileMe accounts to access and view compatible files stored on their iDisk from the phone.

MobileMe iDisk also allows you to share files with chosen recipients and password protect selected files.

Supported viewable file types include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), Quicktime, iWork, PDF and more, though Apple warns that files larger than 20MB may not be viewable.

MobileMe iDisk is free, but requires that you have a MobileMe account.  iTunes Link

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Jul 25

Samsung "Hummingbird" 1GHz  SoC

Samsung, together with Intrinsity, is currently hard at work on a new ARM Cortex-A8 System-On-Chip (SoC) that will provide more processing power for future handheld devices. Code-named “Hummingbird,” the SoC will run at clock speeds up to 1GHz without significant impact on battery life.

Samsung’s SoCs currently power a range of mobile devices.  The Samsung S5PC100 Cortex-A8 SoC powers the iPhone 3GS, while a TI version of the Cortex-A8 is at the heart of the Palm Pre; each of these smartphones’ processors run at 600Mhz.  The Hummingbird SoC is designed to provide 2000DMIPS (Dhrystone Million Instructions per Second) at 1GHz and enhanced multimedia performance with NEON technology.

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Jul 20


We’ve added several new accessories to the iPhone 3GS Accessories Center

The following pages have been updated:


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