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Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

Dec 09

The makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking have ported their voice-to-text dictation technology to the iPhone.  And the new app, Dragon Dictation, worked remarkably well in our tests, transcribing spoken words without a single mistake in nearly twenty attempts to trip it up.

Dragon Dictation for the iPhoneSince the iPhone doesn’t support multitasking in third-party apps, you can’t use Dragon Dictation the way you use NaturallySpeaking on a PC; you have to copy-and-paste the resulting text into your target app, be it Mail, SMS, Notes, etc.  Still, this can save you a lot of time if you’re not a fast touchscreen typist or if you have a lot to say.

Dragon Dictation [iTunes Link] is free for now.  There’s been no word on the company’s plans – if any – to begin charging for the app or whether a paid version with more features is slated for release.

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