Mar 22

Amazon Kindle iPad App

We’ve always known there would be a Kindle app for the iPad ‘cause there’s already one for the iPhone/iPod touch – but Amazon has just announced that it’s readying an iPad specific version of its eBook reader software.

Here are the details: the iPad (and other upcoming tablet versions of the) app will allow for in-app eBook purchases and sample downloads.  In addition to adjusting the font size, you’ll also be able to change the background color and screen brightness in the app settings to make the reading experience easier on the eyes.  If you like the look of pages turning, you can use the animated page turn animation, but if you want a more Kindle-esque experience, you can turn off this animation.  Whispersync will keep your place in books between devices, whether you read on a Kindle, the iPad’s Kindle app, or on a Mac or PC.  And you’ll be able to create bookmarks and highlights.

We assume the iPad Kindle app will be free.  No word yet on a release date, but we’d love to see this ready to roll on April 3.

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Mar 22

Apple iPad

The April 3rd release of the Apple iPad is now less than two weeks away and we’re all anxious to take this “latest creation” for an accelerometer-assisted spin. 

We’re so excited, in fact, that we’ve just updated the iPhone section of the site with the iPad Information Center and an iPad Accessories Center.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be adding more iPad accessories, help and how-to articles, and our hands-on review of Apple’s tablet – along with the latest iPad news.  If you have iPad related questions, of if you’re looking for an accessory you can’t find, we hope you’ll let us know!

Visit the Apple iPad Tablet Information Center or the Apple iPad Accessories Center.

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Mar 01

The Pocket PC Central Hands-On Shure SE115m+ Sound Isolating Headset Review has been posted to the iPhone Edition Review Center.


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