Apr 16

Concept Image by Graham Bower With the announcement and release of the 4th generation iPhone presumably only a few weeks away, speculation regarding the device is beginning to increase.  Although not a single word you’ll read about the 4th Gen iPhone has been confirmed by Apple, there are some interesting theories floating around.

1. Next iPhone Coming in June: This wouldn’t be a shock.  The 1st Gen and 3GS models were each released in June (2007 and 2009, respectively); the iPhone 3G debuted in July.  It’s also been reported that AT&T has begun blocking wireless employees’ requests for June vacation time.

2. iPad-inspired aluminum shell: Much more questionable, but we so hope this one’s true.  New “leaked” images have appeared which purport to show the 4th Gen iPhone sporting an iPad-slick aluminum back piece, similar to the concept image by Graham Bower shown above.  Update: Even more photos have been posted showing an aluminum back piece.

3. Front-facing camera for video iChat: If you believe some who have already begun playing with iPhone OS 4, the next iPhone will include a front-facing camera for video chat.  Good idea, we suppose, but it doesn’t seem like the sure thing it’s sometimes made out to be.  The rumor is largely based on a process listing for iChatAgent in 4.0 and an image of a possible next-gen iPhone with an unidentified space which could be for a front-facing camera.

4. It’ll be called the iPhone HD.  Maybe.  But HD seems to be the new catch phrase for you already bought it for iPhone, but pay up sucka iPad apps.  Still, this doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.

5. A 3.7-inch display: This is tied into the HD name rumors.  A 3.7-inch screen with a higher resolution, say 960×640, still wouldn’t technically be HD, but that didn’t stop the naming scheme of the latest Zune (although the Zune HD does support output of 720p video to a TV if you have the right accessories).

6. AMOLED display: Again, maybe, but so far Apple has shied away from this display technology.

7. A Verizon iPhone: Some rumors suggest the next iPhone will also be made available to Verizon customers.  This would require either a different transceiver for Verizon’s CDMA network or a hybrid chip in all iPhones.  The two main variants of this rumor state that the Verizon iPhone will either launch alongside the updated AT&T model, or that it will ship later this year.

8. 1GHz processor: Whether it comes via Apple’s own A4 chip or a third-party alternative (Snapdragon, for example), some expect the next iPhone to get a significant processor boost, possibly with clock speed as fast as 1GHz.  The recently-released iPad has a 1GHz A4 ARM-based SoC CPU which could conceivably be used in a phone device.

9. Removable battery: Smoking something.

10. 8MP camera: most rumors regarding the iPhone receiving an 8MP camera state that the upgrade will come with the 5th generation model, not the 4th.  But some are holding out hope that the 8MP option will be included with this year’s model.

11.802.11n Wi-Fi: Seems a no-brainer.  The iPad has 802.11n, after all.  Still, it’s by no means certain.

12. Magic Mouse controls on the back:  Could the back of the 4th Gen iPhone have multi-touch like the screen?  We suppose, but… eh.

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