Jun 29

A Verizon iPhone in January?

As long suspected, Verizon Wireless will begin selling a version – or versions – of the Apple iPhone in January, at least according to “two people familiar with the plans” who spoke to Amy Thomson from Bloomberg news.

This would end AT&T Mobility’s exclusive reign over Apple’s smartphones in the United States, a move sure to make many Verizon customers happy – and to lower prices across the board as the two carriers battle for subscribers.

Verizon has been hard at work on its 4G data network, LTE, since 2007.  Whether or not a Verizon iPhone would employ this type of data connectivity is unknown.

Some have speculated that the current iPhone 4 might have powered-down CDMA hardware already built-in, speculation fueled by a request Apple made to the FCC [PDF link] to keep some of the device’s technical details under wraps for a time.  This is possible, but unlikely.  If true, however, it wouldn’t require Apple to have a dedicated CDMA handset produced to work with Verizon’s network.  All existing iPhones are sold by – and work with – GSM carriers around the world.

It’s also unknown whether Apple would broaden iPhone availability to other U.S. carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile once their AT&T exclusivity agreement is no longer in effect.

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Jun 25

Searching for a Signal I’ve been spending most of my working time since late Wednesday morning with the iPhone 4 and, broadly speaking, it’s Apple’s best phone yet. Drool-worthy screen, fantastic camera, zippy processor, “multitasking,” updated Wi-Fi and a sleek new design. There’s only one eensy-weensy,  problem:

Holding the phone can kill its voice and 3G data reception.

From the moment my iPhone 4 activated on Wednesday, I noticed the signal reception bars yo-yoing. This never happened on my 3G or 3GS, at least not in my office or home. Sitting at my office PC, each previous iPhone consistently got 5 bars, with the occasional drop to 4. Ditto my home living room, bedroom and back yard.

(iPhone 4 has 5 bars, too, except only when I’m not holding it, which I suppose is okay if I want to use it laying flat on my desk. But in my hands, the bars drop.)

At first, I thought it might be a software fluke. Sure, the bars are going down, going up, going down, but I was making and receiving calls just fine. A brief web search on Wednesday afternoon seemed to confirm that suspicion, as Walt Mossberg reported the same problem in his otherwise glowing review:

“… in some places where the signal was relatively weak, the iPhone 4 showed no bars, or fewer bars than its predecessor. Apple says that this is a bug it plans to fix, and that it has to do with the way the bars are presented, not the actual ability to make a call.”

Relief. No need to worry. It’s just a software issue. Fix forthcoming.


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Jun 25

The Pocket PC Central: iPhone Edition Hands-On Air Display iPad App Review has been posted to the iPhone Edition Review Center.

Read our Air Display iPad App Review...

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Jun 22

Your shiny new iPhone 4 may arrive as early as tomorrow, but if you want to keep it shinny and new for more than a few days, you’ll need a case of some sort.  Trouble is, at the moment cases for the iPhone 4 are scarce. So if you want a case for the newest iPhone before it becomes a portable scratch collection, here is a brief rundown of your current options:

MiVizu iPhone 4 Skin CaseMiVizu iPhone 4G Skin Case: one of the few iPhone 4 skin cases available on Amazon.com.  The case is $16.95, available in a range of colors from black to pink to clear and  is constructed from “thick” silicone. 

Includes a screen cleaner and a 90 day warranty.

Check out other iPhone cases available at Amazon.com.


iPhone 4 Bumper Case Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Case: Apple’s new case for the iPhone 4 is called the Bumper.  The case is constructed of rubber and plastic and, being from Apple, will surely fit the new iPhone perfectly.  Bumpers are available in black, blue, white, green, pink and orange. 

This little gem’ll set you back $30 at the Apple Store (plus tax).



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Jun 21

Apple's iOS 4 features new Home Screen wallpapers and folders, multitasking, iBooks and more... Almost a year to the day after the release of iPhone OS 3.0, Apple will release its successor, iOS 4, today.  Users will be able to upgrade their iPhones and iPod touches, free of charge, via iTunes. 

Functionality will depend largely on the device you’re upgrading.  Installing iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G, for example, will give you most of the new operating system’s features – Home screen folders, iBooks, Game Center, new email inbox features, etc. – but not multitasking (due to speed and RAM limitations).  And iOS 4 will not install on 1st Generation iPhone or iPod touch models.  iOS 4 for the iPad will be released in the fall. 

To upgrade your Apple handheld, you’ll need iTunes 9.2, which was released last week.  To get started, connect to iTunes and use the Check for Update feature. 

iOS 4 should be available around noon Central.

P.S.  If you want to jailbreak for unlock your iPhone, you’ll want to hold off on upgrading.  iOS 4 hasn’t been jailbroken – yet.

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