Aug 30

iPhone 4 Call Screen

“Can you hear me now?”

This isn’t a question being asked by a Verizon Wireless iPhone beta tester – chances are, if an iPhoner asks, it’s because the proximity sensor has incorrectly reactivated the phone’s touchscreen and his or her cheek has muted the call or put it on hold, leaving the other party unresponsive. 

This problem- the iPhone 4’s proximity sensor toggling the phone’s touchscreen on while the handset is still at the user’s ear – is the second most publicized problem plaguing Apple’s latest smartphone (after the Death Grip issue).  And it’s a real problem.  Steve Jobs acknowledged that the proximity sensor was malfunctioning on some iPhone 4 units during his Antennagate press conference a few weeks ago.

At the time, a software fix for the issue was promised, and many assumed that fix would be included in the upcoming iOS 4.1 upgrade.  But now, it appears this may not to be the case.

The Sydney Morning Herald published a story quoting Apple Australia spokesperson Fiona Martin, who “acknowledged the company had yet to fix the problem.”  It is unclear whether this is simply a statement of the fact that no patch has yet been released, or if it’s an indication that a solution hasn’t been found. 

The last iPhone 4 iOS update, 4.0.2, addressed a single issue: a PDF exploit used by developers to create a web-based jailbreak.

Others report that iOS 4.1 will, indeed, fix the problem – at least to some extent.

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Aug 26

Powerskin MiLi Powerspring for iPhone 4iPhone battery cases are nothing new, and there are many from which to choose if you need to extend the life of your iPhone’s internal battery – but only if you’re pocketing an original iPhone or a 3G/3GS.  At this point, iPhone 4 battery cases are about as numerous as virtuous politicians. 

So UK iPhone accessory company Powerskin’s announcement of their MiLi Powerspring for iPhone 4 is north noting, even if only that it shows the iPhone 4 battery case selection is ramping up.

The MiLi Powerspring for iPhone 4 packs a 1600mAh Lithium Polymer battery, which adds up to 13 hours of 2G talk time to the iPhone 4’s 12 hours on internal battery; if you’re on 3G, that drops to 6 hours on top of the standard 7. 

You can learn more about the MiLi Powerspring for iPhone 4 at the Powerskin web site. The battery case retails for £54.99, or about $85US.  It’s also being sold in the U.S. by for $84.58.  The product is currently on backorder, so if you want one, order now.


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Aug 26

Netflix Comes to the iPhone, iPod touch Since its release four months ago, Netflix has remained among the most popular apps in the iTunes App Store.  But it was limited only to the iPad, leaving iPhone and iPod touch users with no way to access Netflix streaming video from their handhelds.  The only consolation: the company promised a version for the smaller iOS devices was in the works.

Today, Netflix made good on that promise. The Netflix app is now universal, meaning it will install on the iPhone and iPod touch as well as the iPad.  You can download it now [iTunes Link].

But the iPhone installation is quite different from that of the iPad.  Rather than being a shell for accessing the web version of Netflix with video playback thrown in – as the iPad version is – Netflix for the iPhone and iPod touch is a true app, giving you access to your Instant Queue, a search field, and listings of titles by genre, all inside a new UI.  There is no way to manage your physical DVD queue, and searches only display titles available by streaming; the app is really a Netflix Instant application rather than a bridge to the full Netflix experience.

And while this may come as a disappointment for some users, those who depend on Netflix for its streaming video services will be very satisfied with the new app’s performance.  Scrubbing – using the slider at the top of the video to move quickly to different points in a video – is fast.  Really fast.  And playback is smooth and clear.  You can resume from where you left off when you select a title to watch, and then resume later on a PC, Mac, XBox, PS3, Wii, etc., when you exit the app.  Best of all, you can watch video over Wi-Fi or 3G – though you’ll need to be on the no-longer-available unlimited AT&T data plan if you plan on watching much video over the carrier’s network.

Download Netflix for iPhone & iPod touch [iTunes Link]

Netflix iPhone, iPod touch Press Release

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Aug 20

The Pocket PC Central: iPhone Edition Hands-On Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 Review has been posted to the iPhone Edition Review Center.

Read the Full Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 Review

Read the Full Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 Review

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Aug 17

Many iPhone 4 Cases Cover the Area Around the 3.5mm Audio JackUnfortunately, a case is no longer an option for many iPhone 4 users.  In order to combat antenna attenuation, an iPhoner must use a case to prevent his or her skin from bridging the external antennas along the device’s lower left edge, which causes the signal to drop or fade completely in low-signal areas.

This is an aggravation for me, because I’ve never liked using always-on cases with a phone – that goes double for slim, beautiful phones like the iPhone 4.  But the antenna problem is all too real, so in the past couple of weeks I’ve been testing cases in order to find the one I dislike least. 

In doing so, I have encountered a problem many iPhone users must have encountered over the years, but one I didn’t even know existed.

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