Aug 16

HexaPose iPad Stand from Innopocket

InnoPocket’s new HexaPose iPad Stand is sure to be a hit with Mac fans.  The iMac-inspired stand holds the iPad at one of three viewing angles, and allows the tablet to rotate for portrait or landscape viewing.

The frame that holds the iPad is polycarbonate plastic, but the stand itself is solid aluminum.  There’s a cut-out for cable management (audio, charging, sync, etc.), and a padded bottom for non-slip use on flat surfaces. 

The Innopocket HexaPose for iPad retails for $49.99, but you can purchase it at for $46.95

We received our review unit today and will be posting a full review of the HexaPose soon.  Feel free to email questions or post questions/comments below.

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Aug 03 The Second Coming

If you’ve been itching to jailbreak your iPhone 4, stop rocking back and forth in that dark corner; the iPhone Dev Team has developed a new jailbreaking tool that works via the Safari browser, freeing your iPhone from Apple domination without even installing an app on your Mac or PC.

The web-based jailbreaking solution is available at  Apparently, the tool is made possible by exploiting a bug in the way iOS handles PDF fonts (via Daring Fireball).  Aside from the iPhone 4, the new tool also works with other iOS and iPhone OS devices.

Just visit the site, slide the tab at the bottom of the screen and wait for the magic to happen.

But be warned: the magic can include some nasty side effects.  Some users are reporting bugs, including the loss of FaceTime and MMS functionality, though the developers claim this error has now been fixed – and there is also a workaround.

Our advice: if you really want to jailbreak your iPhone, wait a while longer.  We imagine comex et al. will polish their tool over the coming days, which could save you from a heap of trouble.

So…  are you feeling lucky?

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