Feb 27

The Daily Home Page from February 27, 2011There’s been an incredible amount of buzz around The Daily, an iPad-only digital newspaper/magazine from News Corp (parent company of The Wall Street Journal and the Fox News Channel).  Before its release in mid-January, this buzz was mostly positive – but its arrival steered the feedback sharply to the negative.


Because first few versions of The Daily  were buggy, slow and – quite frankly – frustrating. Reactions the actual content of the daily news magazine took a backseat to its lousy performance, which was surely not the want of the folks behind the digital publication.  

But v1.0.3 of the app just hit the iTunes Store, and this version has addressed many of the problems of those that came before.  The Daily [iTunes Store link]has now climbed its way into my recommended category, and it’s the first of this week’s App Picks.

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Feb 24

MobileMeSince it was first introduced in 2008, Apple’s MobileMe service has been criticized for its $100 yearly price tag – and for good reason.  Many of its sync features are available from competitors, most notably Google, free of charge.  And, truth be told, the service has never had what you would call a sterling performance record.

But competition has a way of leveling things out sooner or later – and that time may come sooner rather than later to MobileMe.

Today Apple announced, quietly, that it will discontinue the boxed version of MobileMe. These boxes contained a code used to activate the service for a year, so this in itself is no big thing – though having a box to display and sell at retail stores (as it does with AppleCare plans) gives the service added visibility when Apple users are shopping in stores.  

But when you couple this news with recent reports that Apple is planning a complete overhaul of MobileMe, making it a “free service that would serve as a ‘locker’ for personal memorabilia such as photos, music and videos,” it seems clear that something more than a transition away from a physical product is afoot.

When Apple announces the 2nd Gen iPad next week, it is quite possible it will also announce MobileMe’s transition to a free service, or perhaps a tiered service with a free version in addition to a paid version for more Cloud storage space and/or features.  Maybe the change would come later with the iPhone 5, but given the fact that the box versions are being discontinued now, it would be odd for the change not to take place until June or July.

If MobileMe is, in fact, transitioning to a free service, it’s about time, and seems like the right move for Apple to attract more users to its heretofore crazily overpriced service. 

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Feb 23

2011 iPad 2 Press Event Invitation

Yesterday’s report was correct.  Apple has just begun sending out invitations for the 2nd Generation iPad press event. 

The event will be held Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00AM PST at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. 

Find out more about the 2nd Gen iPad…


Source: The Loop
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Feb 22

Last Year's iPad Press Event InvitationNext Wednesday may be the day all 2nd Generation iPad speculation ends. 

According to a new report posted at All Things Digital, a Wall Street Journal tech blog, Apple will announce the new version iPad (or iPads) on March 2nd in San Francisco.

Exactly how the iPad 2 will be different from the current model remains unclear, however it’s safe to assume that it will have both front-facing and rear cameras, a thinner design, and improved hardware such as an updated processor and more RAM.  Beyond that, new features are anyone’s guess, but at this point we’ve dismissed most of the rumors as wishful thinking, often bordering on the absurd.

We’ll keep you posted.

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Feb 21

PushMail Provides Text Message Notifications for Email

When you receive a text message on an iPhone, a blue pop-up notification window appears on the screen – even if the phone is in standby mode with the screen off. 

Can you get the same notifications for new email messages on the iPhone or iPad?

Yes – but not with the standard iOS software. 

The Mail app in iOS handles email largely in the background.  There is a red badge that appears on the Mail app icon showing the number of unread emails for your configured email account(s) on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but you must open the app to view the subject, sender and content of new messages.

If you want test message style pop-ups for new email, there is an app available that adds this functionality.  It’s called PushMail [$2.99 iTunes Store]. 

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