May 18

iPhone and LTE

Just in case you needed more than your own good sense to conclude LTE won’t be coming to the upcoming 2011 iPhone(s), a new report at Digitimes says Apple is unlikely to include LTE in the this year’s model due to “problems concerning yield rates of LTE chips offered by Qualcomm.”

I’m sure that’s a factor, but it also seems very much part of the Apple mentality not to include a headline feature that the vast majority of users wouldn’t be able to take advantage of until it’s about time to upgrade to the 6th gen iOS phone.  You can just hear the but this is no faster than the iPhone 4 comments from upgraders who don’t live in one of the handful of locations where LTE is currently available.  Not to mention the fact that LTE-enabled smartphones are still very, very new, and suffer from a number of problems, most notably pretty lousy battery life.

The Digitimes report also refers to this year’s iPhone as the iPhone 4S, a practice that’s been catching on with the tech press of late.  If true, this name suggests that the August-September 2011 iPhone will receive little more than a bump in processing power. Much like the iPhone 3GS did versus the iPhone 3G, there will likely be little of note other than more faster performance (not to say that isn’t a good thing).

I could be wrong, but everything I’ve seen all but confirms that it’ll be at least 2012 before we’re downloading music over “4G”.  And LTE isn’t 4G, dammit

Don’t get me started.

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