May 29

9to5Mac Leaked(?) Shots of the iPhone 5

Purported iPhone and iPhone component photos are a dime a dozen – and mostly crap. But every now and again a few crop up that are difficult to dismiss.  Such is the case with new photos obtained by, which claim to show the rear shell of the iPhone 5.

These photos are quite clear, and actually available in high resolution if you visit the post. The photos show a largely aluminum rear shell with colored sections above and below.

They also show that the new iPhone – if these photos are accurate – will continue to have antenna bands along the sides, or perhaps just at the top and bottom of the handset.  The long-rumored mini Dock Connector can also clearly be seen, flanked by redesigned speaker and mic grills.  The 3.5mm audio jack is show as having been moved to the bottom of the phone.

And there are other interesting tidbits.

The rear camera lens and LED flash now have a small cut-out in between, presumably for a mic.  If it is a microphone port, it could be for better audio capture when shooting video, or even a noise-cancelling mic.  The front-facing camera port is also shown as now being above the earpiece.

The Internal Shell and Glass Cover

These are top-notch as leaked Apple photos go, and we expect that, when the new iPhone is announced a few months hence, what we’ll be presented with will look an awful lot like what we see here.

If not exactly…

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