Aug 02

Skype for iPad v1.xWell, it took long enough, but an iPad-specific version of Skype is now available for the iPad and iPad 2.  And if have an iPad 2, you can finally make face-to-face video calls using the tablet’s front-facing camera.

Some features of Skype for iPad include contacts view, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, front-facing or rear-facing camera support for video chat, IM chat with emoticons, Skype Out calls to landlines and mobile phones (if subscribed), chat and call history, and more.

Skype for iPad is free and now available for download from the App Store.

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Jun 28

iPad Skype App Coming Soon

An iPad-specific version of Skype is expected to hit the App Store shortly, perhaps as early as today.

An iPhone / iPod touch version of Skype has been available for years, but an iPad version would not only allow users to take advantage of the larger screen on the tablet without pixel doubling, it will also make it possible for iPad 2 users to have video chats with other Skype users with the onboard front-facing camera.

VoIP and video chat apps are nothing new for the iPad, but with the addition of Skype, Apple’s tablet will be yet another device the hundreds of millions of current Skype users can use to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts via video chat.

The iPad Skype app is expected to be free. 

Source: ComputerWorld


Update July 26, 2011: It’s been nearly a month and no iPad-specific Sype app has shown up in the App Store.  Guess we’ll have to wait a while longer after all…

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Jun 27

iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet

The iCADE takes you back to a simpler time when gaming was 2D and twenty-five cents a pop. Compatible with the iPad and iPad 2, the iCADE provides both the look and feel of an old-style arcade game with a joystick and control buttons. Control of games on the iPad is accomplished wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Atari recently released Atari’s Greatest Hits, featuring 100 arcade style games from yesteryear.  You’ll need to download the app from the App Store in order to use the iCADE [App Store Link].

The iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet is available at for $99.

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May 26

Targus Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

You can use just about any Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad or iPad 2 so long as it supports the HID Bluetooth profile. But most of these keyboards aren’t designed with the iPad in mind – not so with the Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad. 

With iOS-specific keys, this full-sized keyboard is an excellent choice for users who want to minimize touchscreen interaction when using a keyboard.  The unit is powered by two AAA batteries and includes a power switch to save energy when not in use and a low power battery indicator so that you’re not caught off guard when the batteries need changing.  The Targus iPad Bluetooth Keyboard is also tilted slightly for more confortable use.

The iOS shortcut keys include volume up and down, play/pause, skip back and forward, lock, search and home.

Targus Bluetooth Wireless iPad Keyboard

The Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (model AKB32US) has an MSRP of $59, but sells for a few dollars less at

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May 23

handstandsLast month we reviewed the HandStand for iPad, a case designed to make one-hand use of Apple’s first-gen tablet a more confortable experience.  Now, as promised, the company behind the HandStand has released a new version for the iPad 2.

The HandStand 2 hasn’t really changed much from the original other than being altered to fit the thinner iPad 2.  It features the same silicone case, hand grip with elastic strap, and rotating disk for easy adjustment of the iPad 2 viewing angle. 

The HandStand for iPad 2 is available for purchase now for $49.

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