May 21

BoxWave Capacitive mini Stylus (Four Colors)

Want an iPad stylus that attaches to your iPad?

BoxWave has just released a new iPad screen pen called the mini Capacitive Stylus, and it does just that.  Unlike the other styli available for the iPad, this one includes a tether which allows you to connect it to the iPad’s 3.5mm audio jack when not in use.

From the BoxWave web site:

“This miniaturized pen stylus sports a pocket size form factor, and works with all capacitive screens. No longer will you have to take off your gloves off on a cold day just to use your Apple iPad as the mini Capacitive Stylus enables you to use your Apple iPad without ever touching the screen with your finger! Its portable size makes it easy to carry around, and can be stored away by attaching to your Apple iPad’s 3.5mm headphone jack.”

iPad and BoxWave Stylus There are also iPhone versions of the BoxWave mini Capacitive Stylus, though it’s unclear whether or not there’s any real difference between these and the iPad version. 

Boxwave also makes a larger capacitive stylus that looks like a normal pen.

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Apr 09


We’re often asked about battery extenders.  These portable battery packs are designed to be used as mobile chargers for smartphones, PDAs, MP3 players, etc.  Many of them are ideal for iPhone and iPod users, but finding one also suitable for the iPad had been more of a challenge.

The 3GJuice Major Mojo is, as far as well can tell, the only simple USB-charging extender that’s stated to be iPad-friendly. 

Major Mojo boasts a 5400mAh Li-Ion battery, which can charge the iPad when you’re on the go.  On the iPhone or iPod touch, this capacity would provide multiple charges, but with iPad it will likely simply extend your battery life.

We’re hoping to be able to report back in more detail on this point.  Until then, if you’re looking for a battery extender solution that includes iPad utility, the 3GJuice Major Mojo is one of the few on the list.

Know of another battery extender for the iPad?  Let us know by commenting below.

Update: We’ve received word from the CEO of 3GJuice that the Major Mojo will, in fact, charge the iPad, and even to 100%, though the iPad cannot be awake during the charge (i.e. it only charges when the screen is off).  During company tests, it took 5 hours to charge the iPad from 27% to 68% with the Major Mojo, after which the extender had 60% battery remaining.  Charging of the iPad to 100% is expected to take 10-12 hours.

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Jan 25


We’ve been hearing about it for months, and today it’s available for purchase.  The newest generation TuneCast FM transmitter, dubbed the TuneCast Auto LIVE, works together with a partner iPhone app [iTunes Link] and the iPhone’s GPS unit (3G & 3GS) to find the best FM frequency for your area.  You can also control the transmitter via the iPhone app, a feature added in iPhone OS 3.0.

Other features include a high-contrast LCD display, a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter (which powers the TuneCast and charges your iPhone), programmable presets and more.

If you’re wondering, this latest TuneCast is model F8Z498. There are several TuneCast products, so be sure to check the model number if you want the latest generation.

Find out more about the Belkin TuneCast @

Source: Belkin Press Release

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Jan 20


If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, the XM Skydock easily transforms either device into an XM satellite radio for your car or truck. 

The XM Skydock gets its power from a car’s cigarette lighter adapter and charges while you listen.  You can listen via FM radio with the built-in FM transmitter, or if your auto has an AUX-in port you can connect via the included patch cable.  The XM Skydock app [iTunes link] work with the dock and lets you tag music for purchase in iTunes, set favorite channels and track artists and songs. 

Works with any iPhone or iPod touch running the iPhone OS 3.x.  Includes a magnetic mount antenna. has the XM Skydock for $35 less than MSRP.

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Jan 14

Site Update

We’ve added new accessories to the iPhone 3GS Accessories Center

The following pages have been updated:

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