Jul 13


If you’re an Audible subscriber, we have fantastic news: Audible.com has finally launched a dedicated app for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Cleverly named Audible for iPhone, the free app adds capabilities that Android and BlackBerry users have had for some time and frees users from relying on iTunes to sync their Audible content. 

Once installed, the app gives Audible users access to their entire library.  You can view your audiobooks in order of purchase date, in alphabetical order or by the author’s last name.  You can also search your library by title, author or narrator.  Once you’ve found the title you want, you can download it directly to your iPhone – though this option is available over Wi-Fi only.

As new audiobooks download, they are instantly available for playback beginning with the first chapter.  As subsequent chapters download, they are added to the list of completed chapters and are also available.  While the app can detect Audible books already transferred to your iPod player via iTunes, new titles downloaded with the Audible app are not added to the iPod app’s Audiobooks section. 

Audible for iPhone  Stephen King's "It" Displayed in Parts, Downloading  The Audible for iPhone Playback Screen

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Oct 21

Air Mouse Pro

This one’s an oldie but a goodie.  Air Mouse Pro [iTunes Link] transforms your iPhone into an over Wi-Fi mouse for both PCs and Macs.  Just install a utility on your computer and Air Mouse connects and gives you control.

The top section of the Air Mouse screen is the mouse – right and left clicks, scroll, etc. – and the bottom is a series of preconfigured buttons allowing you to quickly control music and video playback, your web browser and more.  The app is accelerometer enabled so you can move the iPhone around in the air to move the pointer on your computer’s screen.

Turn the iPhone to landscape mode and the entire screen becomes a touchpad with multi-touch gesture support (scrolling and right-click).

View/Download Air Mouse Pro (Opens in iTunes)

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Oct 19


Photo sharing on the iPhone is possible through built-in options and a wide range of third-party apps, but today’s App du Jour is a new favorite. 

PhotoScatter [iTunes Link] from UniqueApps allows you to upload photos to popular social networking and photo sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Photobucket and Flickr.  Just input your account settings for each of the services you use, take a photo (or select a photo already in your Camera Roll), give your photo a title and description (if you wish) and send it to the selected service(s). 

PhotoScatter makes sharing photos pretty much a no-brainer.

View/Download PhotoScatter (Opens in iTunes)

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Oct 15

Scanner Pro from Readdle

Although it’s far from perfect, PDF has become the cross-platform document distribution format of choice.  Almost anyone, anywhere can view a PDF file, whether using a computer or a smartphone.

Scanner Pro [iTunes Link] is a PDF document creator for the iPhone; the app transforms the iPhone’s camera into a scanner (of sorts), allowing you to “scan” and create single or multi-page PDFs, adjust their brightness and contrast, email them, transfer them to a PC or Mac over Wi-Fi, and even upload the PDF files you create to MobileMe’s iDisk and other WebDAV storage services.  You can also password protect your PDF files in cases of sensitive material.

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Oct 14


If you’re a news junkie (who’s not a shut-in), it makes you a little sad that there are periods in the day where you’re too busy to check the wires for any big news stories that just broke. 

Nodding in agreement?  You need Push News [iTunes Link].  This iPhone app uses iPhone 3.0’s Push Notification service to send you breaking news in real time.  The service is powered by CNN, the New York Times, BBC, ESPN, CNBC and Google News (the next version of the app will add Fox News and USA Today).  Just select the news sources you’d like to receive alerts from and you’ll never be out of the news loop for more than a few minutes again. 

Other features include the ability to put the service to sleep (like during the night when you need some sleep yourself), customizable alert sounds, duplicate blocking, a built-in Safari window for quick reading of full articles, and badge counts of newly pushed stories.

View/Download Push News (Opens in iTunes)

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