Oct 13

DailyBurn's FoodScanner Looking to lose a few pounds?  Want to be sure you’re meeting your daily nutritional requirements?  Like barcodes?  Then have we got good news for you!

DailyBurn, a web site dedicated to tracking your diet and fitness data, has released the FoodScanner app [iTunes Link], which gives you the ability to scan food items’ barcodes to quickly update your daily intake of fat, calories carbs and more.  If you’ve ever tried entering nutritional data manually, particularly on a smartphone, you know what a great idea this is.

FoodScanner uses the iPhone’s camera as a barcode scanner.  Point the camera at a food item’s UPC and the app does the rest.  DailyBurn has over 200,000 food items in its database, and if you happen to run across something not yet listed, you can input the data within the app.  Eating something like fruit that rudely doesn’t include a UPC?  You can search the database for those foods, too.

If you have a DailyBurn account and an iPhone, this seems like a serious no-brainer to us.

View/Download DailyBurn FoodScanner (Opens in iTunes)

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Oct 09

mapquestnav So you want a turn-by-turn navigation app for your iPhone 3G or 3GS, but aren’t exactly thrilled about forking over $100 to commit to one sight unseen?  We feel your pain.

And so does MapQuest.  Their new MapQuest Navigator app [iTunes Link] is a subscription-based GPS navigation solution for the iPhone.  For $0.99 you buy a two week trial.  If you like the software, you can subscribe to the service for $3.99 a month, $9.99 for three months or an entire year for $29.99.  You must choose to renew the subscription each time it expires, so there aren’t any automatic payments (which we like). Even if you enjoy the service enough to purchase an entire year up front, it’s a substantial savings over more expensive solutions [iTunes Link].

Features of MapQuest Navigator include spoken turn-by-turn directions (including street names), quick route recalculation (in case you don’t exactly follow directions), traffic-based route calculation (where available), over 16 million POIs, Contacts integration, automatic resume of navigation after ending a phone call and more.

We think this app is worth a full review, so we’ll take it out for an in-depth spin and give you the full report next week.

View/Download MapQuest Navigator (Opens in iTunes)

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Oct 08

MailBox Find Finding a USPS public mailbox (one of the blue ones) can sometimes be a challenge, particularly if you’re away from a familiar area, but it’s also a challenge Brian Gillet’s MailBox Find [iTunes Link] iPhone app is very much up to.

MailBox Find is GPS aware (3G/3GS), so it can quickly show you the USPS mailboxes in your area on a map.  You can also manually enter your ZIP code if necessary. 

In addition to finding public USPS mailboxes, MailBox Find also locates Post Offices, UPS Stores and FedEx locations; you can limit your search to just one type of location, a specific set or all in the Settings menu.

View/Download MailBox Find (Opens in iTunes)

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Oct 07

MailTones iPhone App

Assigning specific sound notifications to incoming mail, either from a specific contact or with a particular subject line; why doesn’t the iPhone do this already?

If this is a feature you’d like, try MailTones [iTunes Link]. This $2.99 app allows you to assign ringtones to contacts, subject words and domains (@workplace.com, etc.).

How does the app work?

“When you run MailTones, we’ll give you a special email address @mailtones.net – forward a copy of your email to that address and any mail you receive will make your iPhone beep with your chosen tone. You can choose to copy all your email to mailtones.net, or use filters on your original email to just forward some messages. Whenever mail for you arrives at our server, we send a Push message to your iPhone – causing it to beep, whistle, ring or croak!”

So, in order to use MailTones as intended, you need an email account that supports email forwarding based on specific filters.  If you use Gmail or MobileMe, you’re set.

View/Download MailTones (Opens in iTunes)

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