May 05

It’s always cool when you can get something for free that normally costs ya.  Today, an iPhone / iPod touch game called Crush the Castle is on the free list, but only until midnight.

Crush the Castle Screenshot

Crush the Castle is a strategy game where the player (that’s you) uses a trebuchet to attack enemies hold up inside old style fortifications.  There are 90 levels, medals, more than 10 ammo types and even a castle editor.

Click this link to view Crush the Castle in iTunes.

via TUAW

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Oct 08

Rock Band Mobile

EA Games will release an iPhone version of its popular Rock Band video game.  Details are few and far between (far as in light-years), but here’s an excerpt from the MobileCrunch posting:

While wandering the halls of CTIA convention in San Diego today, we spotted a small kiosk dedicated to Rock Band Mobile. Sure enough, no iPhones in sight – just a couple of Verizon handsets. Above the kiosk, however, was an LCD screen endlessly looping through a demo reel of EA Mobile’s portfolio – and therein lied the gold. Right at the end of the reel, it pops up clear as day: Rock Band for iPhone and iPod Touch.

According to a MobileCrunch tipster, the game will include premium content and 4-player mode over Bluetooth.

Read: Yes, Rock Band is coming to iPhone. Here’s proof.

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