Jul 03

Happy Independence Day! 

Celebrate Independence Day – at least in part – by downloading Constitution for the iPhone/iPod touch or iPad and the Declaration of Independence for iPhone/iPod touch or iPad.  Both apps are free.

Read the words that make our lives as Americans possible – even more than two centuries after they were written – on July 4th or any day of the year.

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Jun 29

A Verizon iPhone in January?

As long suspected, Verizon Wireless will begin selling a version – or versions – of the Apple iPhone in January, at least according to “two people familiar with the plans” who spoke to Amy Thomson from Bloomberg news.

This would end AT&T Mobility’s exclusive reign over Apple’s smartphones in the United States, a move sure to make many Verizon customers happy – and to lower prices across the board as the two carriers battle for subscribers.

Verizon has been hard at work on its 4G data network, LTE, since 2007.  Whether or not a Verizon iPhone would employ this type of data connectivity is unknown.

Some have speculated that the current iPhone 4 might have powered-down CDMA hardware already built-in, speculation fueled by a request Apple made to the FCC [PDF link] to keep some of the device’s technical details under wraps for a time.  This is possible, but unlikely.  If true, however, it wouldn’t require Apple to have a dedicated CDMA handset produced to work with Verizon’s network.  All existing iPhones are sold by – and work with – GSM carriers around the world.

It’s also unknown whether Apple would broaden iPhone availability to other U.S. carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile once their AT&T exclusivity agreement is no longer in effect.

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Nov 04

Parallels Desktop 5There are at least a few iPhone users out there who use a Mac (okay, maybe more than a few). And if you’re a Mac user who needs to be able to run Windows, and if you prefer virtualization to Boot Camp, we have good news: Parallels Desktop 5 is now available.

The new version of Parallels is fully Snow Leopard and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) compatible and now allows you to run Windows 7 with Aero.  The company claims version 5 “is up to 300% faster for virtual machine operations” than version 4, and “22% faster than the nearest Windows-on-Mac competitor.”

“There are more than 70 new features in Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac, many of which give users the flexibility to work in the way they want. Users can choose how much or little Windows they want to see, from running Windows in Full Screen mode where Windows completely covers the Mac user interface to the new Crystal view mode which makes Windows completely disappear. Users can even get a Mac-like experience in their Windows applications, using the intuitive Apple Trackpad Gestures technology to pinch, swipe, and rotate as they do in Mac applications.”

Learn more about Parallels 5…

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Sep 23

The first Android-powered smartphone is now a reality.  The long-awaited T-Mobile G1 was made official this morning, giving us our up close look at an Android handset.


The T-Mobile G1 is built by HTC (it’s the HTC Dream) and is designed as a direct assault on Apple’s iPhone. Features include a HVGA touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (without A2DP stereo support), UMTS/HSDPA wireless broadband, a 3MP camera, GPS and microSD expansion.

Visit the T-Mobile G1 Android Smartphone Information Center

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