Sep 17

Apple's Dock Connector to Lightning AdapterWell, that was fast. 

Several sellers on eBay have posted 30-pin Dock Connector to Lightning adapters that are far cheaper than Apple’s adapter. Both the small dongle-type adapter (which Apple sells for a shockingly-expensive $29 ) and the adapter with attached cable (Apple = $39) are up for sale, and most are priced between $10 and $15

Check shipping information for delivery dates.  Some are not expected to arrive until early-to-mid October.

Lightning is the name given by Apple to its new reversible Dock Connector, which replaced the traditional Dock Connector found on Apple products since the early days of the iPod.  Lightning connectors are found on the new iPhone 5, 5th Gen iPod touch and new iPod nano.  New iPads will also certainly be “upgraded” to this new connection type.

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Aug 06

Ahead of next month’s anticipated iPhone 5 announcement, at least one U.S. wireless carrier has decided to sweeten the pot for customers wanting to purchase last year’s Apple smartphone, the iPhone 4S. 

Sprint Lowers Price of iPhone 4S Models

Over the weekend, Sprint lowered the price of their iPhone 4S models by $50 each,  the 16GB version to $149, the 32GB to $259 and so on. Offers good for both new Sprint accounts and eligible upgraders. 

Since the 6th Gen iPhone is widely expected to ship in about six weeks – give or take – now’s not exactly the most advantageous time to upgrade. but if you want an iPhone, are with Sprint, and don’t like 4-inch screens, now’s the time.

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Apr 02

$50 iTunes Card for $40

Whether you want to give it as a gift or use it for your own music, apps, movies and books in the iTunes Store, now through April 7th you can purchase a $50 iTunes card at for only $40.

And you don’t have to wait for the card to be mailed; the code is emailed to you or your recipient so that it can be used almost instantly.

Limit two per customer.

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Mar 14

New iPad Launch Day Retailers

We all knew the New iPad – aka iPad 3 – was going on sale Friday.  What we didn’t know was exactly who would be selling Apple’s latest tablet on launch day.  But now we do.

Apple has announced that – aside from Apple Retail Stores – Sam’s Club, Walmart, Radio Shack and Best Buy will all have the New iPad on March 16th.  Verizon Wireless and AT&T retail stores will also be selling their respective LTE/3G models, eager for you to start shelling out dough for their wireless data services.

U.S. stores are expected to begin selling the iPad 3 at 8:00AM local time on Friday.  In addition, the New iPad will go on sale in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands that same day.

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Mar 11

Amazon Trade-In ProgramIf you have an iPad 2 and want a New 3rd Generation iPad, you have several options for swapping old for new. You can sell the iPad 2 to a friend. You can auction it off on eBay.  You can use reselling services like Gazelle.  Or you can use Amazon’s little-known Trade-In Program, which depending on your situation may be your smartest move.

Selling your base level 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 on eBay will likely bring you somewhere between $200 and $280 if your unit is in excellent condition, minus shipping and eBay/PayPal fees of course. Gazelle will give you $205 for a “flawless” iPad 2 with the same specs, $185 for a “good” tablet.  But Amazon is offering $320 for a “Like New” iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi model, $288 for a unit in good condition, and $227 for an acceptable unit.  Of course, iPad 2 models with higher capacities and/or built-in 3G will net you more.

The difference is that Amazon only offers store credit for your trade-in, rather than cash. If you need the dough up-front to help pay for your new iPad, this option isn’t for you, but if you shop at Amazon a good bit and already have the cash on-hand for (or have already purchased) that new iPad 3, this is probably the best deal you’re gonna find.

Of course, if you know a rock-dweller that will buy your old iPad 2 for $500 – and you can live with the guilt – more power to ya.

Offer amounts subject to change.  Via PandoDaily

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