Mar 10

BoxWave Elite Leather Book Jacket

You’ve got a new iPad 3 on the way, but you’re already an iPad 2 owner with a slew of accessories.  Most of these accessories will almost certainly still work – speakers, chargers, stands – but will you have to replace your existing case alongside the new iPad?


If you have a folio or jacket-style case like the BoxWave Elite Leather Book Jacket (shown left), the answer is probably no.  Ditto sleeve cases.  These case types are fitted, but not so much that the new 0.03-inch thicker iPad will be too big to fit inside.  With sleeve cases, the iPad 3 will almost certainly fit, and with most folio cases, the same is true as these mostly use elastic bands or some other type of not-too-tightly fitted housings to keep the iPad in place.  You’ll have to try the iPad 3 to know for sure, but you’re probably fine.

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Mar 08

Apple iPad Smart Cover (Black Leather)

Apple’s iPad Smart Cover, a magnetically connected screen cover introduced alongside the iPad 2, is compatible with the new 3rd Generation iPad

Apple has confirmed compatibility on their web store. 

We reviewed the Smart Cover last year and while we found it wildly overpriced (particularly the $69 leather versions), it is an attractive, functional accessory.  So it’s nice to know that if you purchased one and are upgrading to the new iPad you won’t be left with your tri-fold Smart Cover flapping in the wind. 

Sadly, the MSRP is unchanged: $39 for the basic version, $69 for the leather – though you can beat those prices by shopping at third-party retailers.

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Jun 03

Most iPad users don’t need a keyboard – at least one that’s with the tablet 24/7 – but if you use your iPad 2 as more of a notebook replacement, you’re probably looking for a keyboard solution that’s always ready to go.  And the best way to be sure a keyboard is always nearby is with a keyboard case.

There are several cases on the market with built-in keyboards, but few have received positive feedback from users.  Two iPad 2 keyboard cases that do seem to be winners are the ZAGGmate 2 (aka Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG and the iLuv iCK826 Professional Keyboard Case.

Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2

The ZAGGmate 2 (or Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG) is a follow-up to last year’s iPad model.  Compatible with the iPad 2, the new ZAGGmate is the most laptop-looking of the bunch.  Its shell is anodized aluminum, which adds an extra layer of protection, and the included Bluetooth keyboard is a Logitech chiclet style for a familiar look and feel. 

MSRP of $99.  Available at ZAGG and


iLuv Professional Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2

If you’re looking for a softer keyboard case for the iPad 2, check out the iLUV ICK826.  The iLUV has a professional folio style and features a detachable Bluetooth keyboard that you can take with you when you need it or leave behind when you don’t. 

The case has a kickstand so that you can position the iPad at the best angle for viewing and typing, and the keyboard includes dedicated iOS keys for quick feature activation. 

MSRP of $129, but you can grab one at for less than $70.

Is there an iPad 2 keyboard case that you use and love?  Let us and everyone else know in the comments section below.

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May 23

handstandsLast month we reviewed the HandStand for iPad, a case designed to make one-hand use of Apple’s first-gen tablet a more confortable experience.  Now, as promised, the company behind the HandStand has released a new version for the iPad 2.

The HandStand 2 hasn’t really changed much from the original other than being altered to fit the thinner iPad 2.  It features the same silicone case, hand grip with elastic strap, and rotating disk for easy adjustment of the iPad 2 viewing angle. 

The HandStand for iPad 2 is available for purchase now for $49.

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Apr 15

The HandStand iPad Grip Case In-HandTablets have traditionally been casual devices, used while seated or lying down, and for relatively sort periods.  But as millions of people make these devices part of their everyday lives, additional uses are fleshed out; today and into the future, tablets are becoming tools used more frequently and for longer stretches.  With extended use, though, the tablet can become uncomfortable – or even awkward – to hold.

What to do?

The Handstand Grip Case for the iPad is one of the more effective solutions I’ve seen, though the idea behind it isn’t exactly novel.  The Handstand is an iPad case with a built-in handpad and handstrap to make it easier  – and more comfortable -  to hold the iPad with one hand for long periods of time.  While not for every iPad user, those who get a lot of mileage out of the tablet will want to take a look, particularly if they use it for work.

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