Jan 25

iTunes LogoIf you’ve just updated iTunes on your Windows PC to version 11.1.4 and are no longer able to sync your iPhone or iPad, it’s likely that the new software has disrupted the drivers for your iOS device. 

To repair the problem:

1. Shutdown iTunes.

2. Connect your iOS device to your PC via USB cable.

3. In Explorer, navigate to this folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers\

4. Locate and right-click the file called usbaapl64.inf and select Install from the menu.

5. Reboot your PC and the problem should be resolved.

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Sep 21

iFixIt iPhone 5 Teardown - Final Result

Bad things happen to good gadgets, so it always comes as good news when you find out something is relatively easy to repair. And that’s exactly what iFixIt has said about the iPhone 5 following it’s latest teardown.

According to the site’s gurus, iPhone 5 is easier to repair than the 4 or 4S, particularly the screen which is easy to remove and/or replace as it’s the entry point into the smartphone’s guts.  In fact, iFixIt says the newest iPhone’s screen is “easier than ever” to replace.

To replace the touchscreen, all you need is a 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver and a suction cup to pull the screen from its housing.  Then you’ll need to remove the tiny Philips screws holding the display connector to the logic board and a spudger to decouple the connector.  Take a look at this iPhone repair kit to get all the goodies you’ll need to get inside your iPhone.

Once replacement screens are available from third-party suppliers, it looks like replacing a broken, cracked or otherwise faulty screen will be as simple as an unscrew, pry and snap.

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Sep 10

We’re just two days away from the iPhone 5 announcement, and likely just shy of two weeks before the first 6th Generation Apple phones begin arriving at stores and doorsteps around the country.  If you’re already an AT&T iPhone user and are expecting to help pay for the new iPhone by selling the model you already have, it’s probably a good idea to unlock it before the sale so its new owner has more network choices.

And that’s not nearly as difficult today as it has been in the past.

AT&T Unlock Request for iPhone

AT&T has posted a new page on its site that allows people to unlock their iPhones with a few simple steps.  Just input a little information, submit it to AT&T, and await further instructions.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Mar 20

iPad's Hot!

Apple’s sales report shows the new 3rd Gen iPad is red-hot, selling over 3 million units its first weekend out the door. That number comes from totaling sales in the handful of countries where the tablet is offered, not just the U.S., but if true it’s a very impressive number.

Being hot isn’t always a good thing, though.

Many users, including yours truly, have found that the new iPad gets anywhere from warm to downright hot during use, and particularly during more demanding use, an apparent result of the tablet’s new high-end System-on-a-Chip and larger battery.

Another Apple Gadget, Another Somethinggate

Reports of the iPad 3 getting warm – or even hot – began instantly upon its release.  Mid-morning on Friday, a user known as faatty posted in an Apple forum “I’m loving the screen and speed but there’s something weird about it. It gets rather warm/hot after 30minutes of usage. It has never happened on my iPad 2.”  Many similar reports have been seen in online forums, on Twitter and around the ‘net since then, and while it doesn’t seem to affect all users, for those it does, the issue is somewhere between an annoyance (hand raised) and a real usability concern.

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Mar 11

Amazon Trade-In ProgramIf you have an iPad 2 and want a New 3rd Generation iPad, you have several options for swapping old for new. You can sell the iPad 2 to a friend. You can auction it off on eBay.  You can use reselling services like Gazelle.  Or you can use Amazon’s little-known Trade-In Program, which depending on your situation may be your smartest move.

Selling your base level 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 on eBay will likely bring you somewhere between $200 and $280 if your unit is in excellent condition, minus shipping and eBay/PayPal fees of course. Gazelle will give you $205 for a “flawless” iPad 2 with the same specs, $185 for a “good” tablet.  But Amazon is offering $320 for a “Like New” iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi model, $288 for a unit in good condition, and $227 for an acceptable unit.  Of course, iPad 2 models with higher capacities and/or built-in 3G will net you more.

The difference is that Amazon only offers store credit for your trade-in, rather than cash. If you need the dough up-front to help pay for your new iPad, this option isn’t for you, but if you shop at Amazon a good bit and already have the cash on-hand for (or have already purchased) that new iPad 3, this is probably the best deal you’re gonna find.

Of course, if you know a rock-dweller that will buy your old iPad 2 for $500 – and you can live with the guilt – more power to ya.

Offer amounts subject to change.  Via PandoDaily

iPad 2

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