Jun 09

When Apple announced the iPhone 3G S yesterday, we imagine most current iPhone and iPhone 3G users responded like Pavlov’s dogs.  If that’s true for you and you want to upgrade from your current iPhone you can… but it’ll cost you.

If you’re currently on the backend of a two-year contract, you may qualify for the subsidized iPhone 3G S pricing: $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for the 32GB.  But if you’ve got a ways to go on that AT&T contract, that new iPhone is gonna set you back.

If you’re willing to renew your current AT&T contract, you’ll have to shell out double for the 3rd Gen iPhone: $399 or $499 plus tax (16GB, 32GB).  You’ll also have to pay $36 in fees.  Don’t want to renew?  Well, then you’ll pay triple: $599 or $699 plus taxes and fees.

To see just how much an upgrade will cost you, have a strong drink or two and then visit this page at the Apple web site.

We realize that AT&T is subsidizing these phones and that they can’t give them away, but would an upgrade that caused a little less indigestion really be so difficult?

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