Jan 29

iPad Retina DisplayWith regard to the iPad 3, which is expected to be announced in a month or two, the only thing “known” about the tablet is that it will have a higher-resolution display than its predecessors. That said, there’s always been some question as to how much higher its resolution would be.

Most have assumed that the iPad 3’s display would simply be double that of the iPad and iPad 2: 2048×1536 rather than 1024×768.  And this seems to have been confirmed by new images included in Apple’s recently updated iBooks app. iBooks 2.0, which was announced and released last week, contains image files perfectly suited for a display of 2048×1536.

If this turns out to be the case, the iPad 3 would have a PPI in the 260 range.  This is considerably less than the iPhone 4’s 326 PPI, but that should be okay because the iPad’s screen is so much larger and is meant to be viewed from farther away. 

Apple has, as is its SOP, remained mute on the next-gen iPad.  So, take this new information for what it’s worth.

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