Dec 19

HexaPose UStand iPad / iPad 2 StandLast year, I reviewed the InnoPocket HexaPose iPad stand.  This stand was designed for the original iPad, but did not fit the iPad 2, at least not well.  The replacement from InnoPocket, the newer HexaPose UStand, solves this problem with an altered design to accommodate not only both iPad models, but other 10-inch tablets as well.

There’s no need to go into a full review of the HexaPose UStand, as much of the original review still applies; however, there are some new features that warrant additional comment.

The UStand’s curved, aluminum base remains unchanged from the previous model.  What’s changed is the frame.

No longer plastic, the new UStand frame is aluminum.  It still has three vertical adjustments for optical viewing, and rotates to display your iPad in landscape or portrait mode.  And, rather than a fixed width, the new frame is adjustable.  

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Apr 15

The HandStand iPad Grip Case In-HandTablets have traditionally been casual devices, used while seated or lying down, and for relatively sort periods.  But as millions of people make these devices part of their everyday lives, additional uses are fleshed out; today and into the future, tablets are becoming tools used more frequently and for longer stretches.  With extended use, though, the tablet can become uncomfortable – or even awkward – to hold.

What to do?

The Handstand Grip Case for the iPad is one of the more effective solutions I’ve seen, though the idea behind it isn’t exactly novel.  The Handstand is an iPad case with a built-in handpad and handstrap to make it easier  – and more comfortable -  to hold the iPad with one hand for long periods of time.  While not for every iPad user, those who get a lot of mileage out of the tablet will want to take a look, particularly if they use it for work.

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Mar 28

InnoPocket HexaPose iPad Stand

Last year I reviewed the HexaPose iPad Stand. I was – and am – a big fan; in fact, it’s still part of my daily iPad routine.

Or, more accurately, it was until the iPad 2 replaced its predecessor as my go-to tablet.  Which leads me to my point.

Mel from Ohio wrote in over the weekend regarding the iPad 2 and the HexaPose stand:

I have last year’s iPad and the Hexapose stand.  My iPad 2 is supposed to arrive in the middle of April.  Will the Hexapose work with the new iPad?

As you’ve probably surmised from my introduction, no – sadly, it won’t.  While the iPad 2 does fit inside the HexaPose’s iPad frame, the new tablet is smaller and thinner than the original, so it’s not very stable in the frame – and certainly not stable enough to use the stand’s rotation feature.

I contacted InnoPocket, the company behind the HexaPose, and asked whether there were plans to release an updated iPad 2 frame for the stand (the plastic iPad frame can be removed from the aluminum base, and is, therefore, technically upgradable); unfortunately, at this time, there is no definite plan to do so.

Plenty of iPad 2-specific stands will be coming out over the next few months, but right now if you need a stand, it’s best to go with a more generic-purpose model.  Some personal recommendations: the Twelve South Compass and the Griffin Tablet Stand.

I still think the HexaPose was one of the best 1st Gen iPad stands; I just hope it’ll be updated for the iPad 2.

BYA: You ask, we answer.

M. Nichols, Products Editor

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Mar 06

iPad 2 & iPad Camera Connection KitWhenever Apple releases a product update, be it MacBook, iPhone, or iPod, one of the first question upgraders ask is what accessories that I already own will work with the new model?

The iPad 2 release is now less than one week away, and given that this is the first iPad refresh, accessory compatibility questions become even more pressing than they are with longer running device lines. 

So here’s a brief breakdown of what 1st Gen accessory types should and should not work with the iPad 2:

Cases: If it’s a loose fitting sleeve or other general purpose tablet cover, your 1st Gen iPad cases should work just fine with iPad 2 since the width and height measurements are very nearly the same; but form-fitted skins, and custom-cut folios and leather flip cases will not fit the iPad’s new shape or depth well – if at all.  But some iPad 2-specific cases are already being announced if you like this type of accessory.

Speakers & Speaker Systems: Most speaker systems connect via the 30-pin Dock Connector for iPad audio, control and charging, and while the Dock Connector port hasn’t changed, a 1st Gen iPad-sized slot will probably leave the iPad 2 a bit wobbly when seated.  

Some dock-based speaker systems may have new iPad 2 dock inserts made available for purchase, so check with the manufacturer.  Speaker systems that use a Dock Connector cable and/or 3.5mm audio-in cable will be just fine.  Same goes for Bluetooth speaker systems.

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Oct 23

The Pocket PC Central: iPhone Edition Hands-On InnoCase HexaPose Stand for iPad Review has been posted to the iPhone Edition Review Center.

HexaPose iPad Stand Review

Read the full HexaPose Stand Review…

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