Jul 25

OS X Mountain Lion is Live!

Months after its announcement, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, aka v10.8, is now available for purchase in the Mac App Store.  Officially, we’re now supposed to call it OS X, not Mac OS X, but Apple’s naming scheme hasn’t exactly been tops in 2012…

It’s a $19 upgrade, which is great, and has a range of iOS inspired features including new Reminders and Notes apps, Messages for seamless conversation integration with Messages on the iPad and iPhone, a new Notification Center, speech-to-text dictation, and Game Center (yawn). There’s also easier file sharing, improved AirPlay and iCloud functionality, Power Nap which grabs new messages, photos, documents, software updates, etc., while your Mac sleeps, new Gatekeeper app security, Safari 6, and other tweaks and improvements. 

You can find a complete list of all 10.8 features here.

Not all Macs support this new OS X version.  Here’s a brief rundown of compatibility:

2007 or newer iMacs and MacBook Pros; 2008 Unibody MacBooks; 2008 or newer MacBook Airs and Mac Pros; 2009 or later Mac minis.

If you purchased a new Mac after June 10, 2012, you likely qualify for a free upgrade to Mountain Lion. Head to this page on the Apple site to see if you qualify.  Unfortunately, it’s not an automatic process; you have to submit a “claim” and wait for validation.  Not exactly Apple-smooth, but we’ll take it.

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May 07

iOS 5.1.1 UpdateIt’s been a while since Apple has released a new iOS 5.x update, but today one has been made available.  A relatively minor update, iOS 5.1.1 addresses a 2G/3G network problem on the new 3rd Gen iPad, bugs in AirPlay video playback, and other minor issues.

On our test iPhones and iPads, the update was under 50MB when updating from the device, but you can also update via iTunes.  The update is available for compatible iPhones and iPod touch models, and all iPads.

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Feb 16

Today Apple announced a new version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion.  The new operating system, OS X v10.8, will be available for purchase in the Mac App Store this summer with many iOS 5 features in tow.

Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion

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Jan 11

Will the iPad 2 Get Siri in iOS 5.1?

Siri, as we all know, is currently available only on the iPhone 4S, and is labeled – in very unusual Apple fashion – as a beta feature, or work in progress. But Siri’s sequestration won’t last forever. So the question is: when will we see Siri on other iOS devices?

Well, it looks like it’s at least possible that the day when Siri expands beyond the iPhone 4S may come sooner than we thought.  9to5Mac.com is reporting that there’s new language buried in the Settings menu in the iOS 5.1 beta 3 that suggests Siri, at least in part, may be included in iOS 5.1 for the iPad.

“Sonny Dickson was looking through the iOS 5.1 beta 3 settings application on the iPad and discovered a new section in the keyboard menu called “About Privacy and Dictation.” When opened … the iPad provides the user with the standard legal literature and feature information for Siri Dictation… On the iPhone 4S, Apple does not have a specific menu related to “Dictation and Privacy” in the keyboard settings panel, [which] may weaken concerns that this new iPad Dictation menu is simply carried over code from the iPhone 4S.”

Perhaps only the dictation aspect of Siri’s functionality – the ability to convert speech to text for emails, notes, etc. – will be included, or perhaps iPad 2 users will get full-featured Siri.  Or perhaps this is much ado about nothing. 

Why No Siri on the iPad Already?

Some have speculated that the more powerful A5 chip in the iPhone 4S is required for Siri to work well, which is why it wasn’t included in the iPhone 4’s iOS 5 upgrade; others say that’s ridiculous, that Apple kept Siri 4S-only because other than the improved camera, there wasn’t much reason for iPhone 4 users to upgrade unless Siri was limited to the new model.  We’ve got one foot and two hands in the latter camp, but if the former is true, there’s absolutely no technical reason Siri can’t come to the iPad 2 because it, too, has an A5 SoC with 512MB of RAM and a powerful GPU.

Siri on the iPad 3

Whether Siri is added to the iPad 2 or not, you can bet that it’ll be part of the iPad 3, which is widely expected to be announced later this quarter, likely March.  And, of course, the iPhone 5 will have Siri, as we imagine all iOS devices going forward will.

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Nov 10

iOS 5.0.1 Update Screen Apple’s first update for their latest mobile OS, iOS 5, is now live.  The update is supposed to address battery life issues as well as various other bugs in the first release.  In addition the update adds gesture support for the 1st Generation iPad.

You can update via iTunes, of course, over a USB cable, but you can also now update over the air, as iOS 5 supports PC-free updating.  To get the update directly on your iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S, iPad, or iPod touch 3rd and 4th Gen, connect to a Wi-Fi network and tap Settings > General > Software Update.

This is the first time an OTA update has been publically released for an iOS device, so it’ll be interesting to see if it goes off without a hitch…

For more information on iOS 5.0.1, check out this article at Apple’s support site.

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