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iPod mini Power & Charging Accessories

iPod Mini Power Adapter - AC Adapter with FireWire Connector

iPod AC Adapter w/ FireWire Port

Use an extra iPod Power Adapter for home, office or travel. The FireWire-based adapter allows you to charge your iPod when not connected to a Macintosh computer. Just plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect the FireWire cable (included) to your iPod for recharging.

Want to charge your iPod with a USB cable?  Take a look at the iPod AC Adapter w/ USB Port.





NYKO iBoost mini Battery Pack

NYKO iBoost mini Battery Pack





FireWire + USB Car Charger for iPod mini

BoxWave FireWire + USB Car Charger


When paired with the BoxWave miniSync, the FireWire + USB Car Charger allows you to charge your iPod mini with either a USB or FireWire cable.  Dual charging LED's indicate when your iPod is charging (red), and when it's not charging (green).  Don't worry if you forget to place your device on the cradle the night before, you can take it with you and charge it on the road!


Solio Universal Solar Charger S19-G07A / S13-G07A

Solio Universal Solar Charger


Eliminate complicated mobile charging setups with the Solio Universal Solar Charger.  An internal battery is charged either by sunlight or the included AC adapter, then when you're on the go, charge your mobile device just by plugging it into the Solio.  Leave it sitting in sunlight or stick it right to your home or car window with the included suction cup. Solio can charge anything that charges over USB, so it's convenient and saves you from buying a different cord, adapter or mobile charger for your smartphone, PDA, MP3 player, GPS or portable gaming device.  Includes USB, miniUSB, Motorola, Samsung and 12-volt adapters.   Add-on adapters sold separately. Available in black or white.

Model S19-G07A / S13-G07A




Belkin TunePower mini


The TunePower Rechargeable Battery Pack from Belkin keeps the music playing by letting you power your iPod-even when your internal battery is drained. It's a great solution for long plane flights, hikes, or for anytime you don't have access to an AC outlet. For your convenience, we've included three sleeves sized to fit all iPod and iPod mini players with dock connectors. The TunePower provides 8-10 hours of additional play time on all iPod models and it features a power-level indicator, so you can tell when your batteries are running low. The compact design fits easily in your pocket or carrying case so you'll never be caught without your tunes again.





Griffin TrueJuice Backup Battery - iPod or iPod mini

Griffin TrueJuice Backup Battery


Don't run out of juice when you and your iPod are away from a power source.  The TrueJuice Backup Battery provides up to 8 hours of additional play time for the iPod (3rd or 4th Gen) or iPod mini with a standard 9-volt battery.

Save on 9-Volt Batteries...


Griffin PowerPod


The PowerPod auto adapter allows you to take your iPod on the road and listen to great music while keeping your iPod fully charged. The PowerPod charges your iPod whether it's playing music or in standby mode, ensuring that you'll arrive at your destination with a fully charged iPod. The PowerPod comes with a charger module and a separate 4-foot, high quality Dock Connector to FireWire Cable. Use the included cable with dockable iPods, or the FireWire cable that was included with all original iPods to connect directly to the PowerPod charger module.

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