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Jan 05

Android 3.0 TabletsGoogle officially introduced Android 3.0 to the world today via an ad-like YouTube video (shown below).  The video was short on details and long on fluff, but it’s safe to say that Honeycomb will hit tablets in a big, big way later this year.

The few details to be gleamed from the video are these: the UI is an interesting mix of 2D and 3D effects, including a “holographic” selection menu for books, YouTube videos, etc.  There are redesigned widgets to take advantage of larger tablet screens.  Gmail has also been updated for more screen space, and a tablet-sized version of Google Talk with support for forward-facing cameras is part of the mix. 

In the blog post accompanying the video, Google also says that they’ve refined multi-tasking in 3.0 and have upgraded the web browser.

We expect to see much more about Honeycomb in the coming weeks, though two Android 3.0 tablets have already been announced this afternoon: the Motorola XOOM and the LG G-Slate.

Android 3.0 Promotional Video from Google

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