Nov 16

EMTEC C200 32GB USB Flash Drive

Beginning today, we’re creating a new News Center category that will run through December 23rd.  This category, Gadget Gift Ideas, features holiday gift ideas for the gadget lover in your life.  Prices will range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, but we’ll mostly keep the prices reasonable to make tech gift giving affordable for the most readers.

Our first Gadget Gift is a no-brainer; if there’s a geek in your life, it’s difficult to imagine that he or she wouldn’t love a 32GB USB flash drive like the one from EMTEC.  This drive is the most affordable 32GB product we could find, and at $64 it won’t set you back too much.  The great thing about giving a flash drive as a gift is that it never goes to waste, even if the giftee already has one. 

Learn more about the EMTEC C200 32GB USB Flash Drive…

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